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Howard Stern Calls Jeff Van Gundy a Schlub, Midget, and an Ugly Little Troll [VIDEO]

Jeff Van Gundy called out Howard Stern for leaving the Knicks game early during a blowout last week on ESPN, and said that the team should never give him first row tickets again. Stern’s a busy guy — he gets up at 4 am to host his radio show and also appears on America’s Got Talent — so he didn’t take too kindly about having a basketball lifer espouse upon the unwritten rules of being a fan.

As such, Stern doesn’t have a whole lot of respect for ESPN’s Van Gundy, unleashing a torrent of names — schlub, midget, ugly little troll, cocksucker, cunt (the latter two he sort of recants after realizing he’s not allowed to call people that) — and chiding the former coach for being unable to reach the mountaintop in his chosen career. It’s probably best not to call out Howard Stern.

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