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Jeff Van Gundy Takes Howard Stern's Spate of Insults In Stride


Jeff Van Gundy was a guest on Dan Le Batard’s radio show yesterday, and was asked to respond to Howard Stern’s recent tirade that characterized the ESPN NBA commentator as a schlub, midget, ugly little troll, cocksucker, and cunt at various points. Perhaps out of humility or perhaps out of keen awareness that there was no point in escalating a battle he’d never win, Van Gundy took the name-calling in stride.

“You know how the Nets and the Heat played with those nicknames on the back of their jerseys?” Van Gundy asked. “We got one way back when we did one of their games and mine was ‘ The Notorious JVG’. If I could right now, I’d change it to ‘schlub’.”

Van Gundy also laughed off how embarrassed he still is about hanging onto Alonzo Mourning’s leg during the Knicks-Heat melee. Here’s the full audio of the clip:

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