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Mark Richt On Losing 20 Pounds: "I Went From Gross to Kind of Fat"

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Mark Richt thought his Georgia team was a bit “thick in the legs and rear” last season. He has had his Bulldogs dropping weight to get quicker.

“Not that we’re a bunch of fat guys, but in some ways we’re strong and thick in the legs and rear and things like that,” Richt said before a UGA Day event in Gainesville. “Not that we don’t want to be strong. But we’re willing to give up a little bit of size for some quickness. For the ability to recover quicker.”

Georgia spent heavily to revamp their strength and conditioning program after the team’s 6-7 debacle in 2010. But it appeared some changes were needed, after a traumatic injury rash scuttled their 2013 campaign.

Richt also joined his team in solidarity, dropping 20 pounds from his own legs and rear, telling reporters “I went from gross to kind of fat.”

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