Doc Rivers Is Irate: "That could be a series-defining call" [VIDEO]

Doc Rivers came out rightfully fiery after the Clippers blew a seven-point lead with 45 seconds left thanks to a series of errors from his own team and the officials. He seems to be intimating that officials told him that they didn’t have a proper angle to overturn the call near the end in which the ball pretty clearly went off Reggie Jackson  — but possession was awarded to Oklahoma City anyway as a sorta make-up call for missing a foul on Matt Barnes on the play — and says that’s “crap”.

To be sure, Rivers did place some of the blame on his own team as well, but most of his anger was reserved for the refs. Whatever Doc ends up getting fined, he should be more than able to make it up on royalties from Coors Light commercials.

Because you want to see it first!

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