Carlos Gomez Started Googling "Rich People Conversations" When He Became Wealthy


troy-communityCarlos Gomez has blossomed into an All-Star as a member of the Milwaukee Brewers. At some point during that journey, Gomez (apparently) realized that he was now rich and would soon be running in new, more affluent social circles. So, according to Ryan Braun in a mystery publication an upcoming Sports Illustrated profile, Gomez Googled rich people conversations after inking a $24 million deal in 2013. Via @Wisconsinferno:

“He says that recently Gomez informed him, while holding a plate full of kiwi, that the fruit had three times as much potassium as bananas. “I asked him how he heard it,” Braun says. “He told me, now that he’s wealthy, he’s been Googling rich-people conversations so he knows what to talk to wealthy people about, and he came across that data.”

Update: It does come from the new SI that features Gomez on a regional cover. No free version online yet so head to your local new stand and pick one up.

Also, this explains his pink goatee – he obviously Googled “rich people hair color” and came across Dennis Rodman.

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