Timofey Mozgov and His Son Are Having a Grand Time In a Ball Pit

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 9.15.18 PM

Timofey Mozgov must be violating the height limit in that ball pit, wherever it is.

Since there’s really not that much more one can say about this, here’s my personal power rankings of the aspects of the Chuck E. Cheese experience, drafted from memory of what it was like 15 years ago or whenever it was the last time I went:

1. Getting unlimited tokens at a birthday party.
2. The squirt-gun game that ran a musical loop of Surfin’ USA.
3. Chuck E. and his merry band of robots on-stage, jamming.
4. Pizza.
5. Skee-Ball.
6. That game where you have to stop the light, which is the bast value on the tokens/tickets ratio, but not any fun.
7. Ball pit, which, let’s face it, was always overcrowded and probably INFESTED with germs.
8. The prizes — the good ones were just completely unattainable and I’d invariably end up with a couple cheap bouncy balls and unusable erasers.

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