Matt Adams and Trevor Rosenthal Team Up for One of the Ugliest Outs You'll Ever See

Ugly Cardinals out

When a batter notches a lucky hit, the common refrain is that it will look like a line drive in the box score. What matters is the end result and not the style.

This out in last night’s Philadelphia Phillies-St. Louis Cardinals game will go in the books as a 3-1-3 force at first base, but the play was so much more than a series of numbers.

Matt Adams had difficulty fielding Ryan Howard’s ground ball. Hustling over to first, Trevor Rosenthal tried to clean up the mess, only to boot the chance himself. An extremely lucky bounce delivered the elusive ball back to Adams in time to retire a very confused Howard.

The whole effort had to make Tom Emanski sick. But, hey: it’s the out that counts.


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