Joel Embiid Drafted 3rd by the Philadelphia 76ers

joel embiid kansas

Joel Embiid, the injured Kansas center who could have been the 1st pick in the draft if he hadn’t broken a bone in his foot, was selected 3rd in the 2014 NBA draft by the Philadelphia 76ers.

Philly had no choice, really – they tanked all year, then sort of got shafted by getting the 3rd pick. They wanted Andrew Wiggins, and could have gotten him if Embiid wasn’t hurt. But they got Embiid, and he’ll sit out and watch Nerlens Noel patrol the middle. When Embiid comes back … well, we’ll see. The 76ers made a good move here taking Embiid, and really had no other choice. Either he or Noel will get dealt eventually.

The 76ers will remain a work in progress, but they also have the 10th pick, where they likely will add a shooter.

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