Minor League Mascot Posts Perfect Parody of Derek Jeter 'Re2pect' Commercial

Mr. Shucks, the delightful corn husk mascot of the Cedar Rapids Kernels, really wants to win this year’s Minor League Mascot Mania. So Mr. Shucks filmed a promo video to curry favor with the voters. Problem is he completely STOLE(*) the idea from the already iconic Nike #RE2PECT ad for Derek Jeter, right down to the hat-tipping. This is almost a shot-for-shot rip off.

C’mon Mr. Shucks, you’re better than that, man.

Mr Shucks tip of the cap

Oh who am I kidding? If we can’t laugh at a giant corn husk with a creepy grinning baseball for a head parodying a reverent (if overwrought) Derek Jeter commercial, then comedy and humor on the Internet are truly dead.

(*) I STOLE this idea from CRM, so fair’s fair.

Because you want to see it first!

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