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Oklahoma Suspending Joe Mixon While Pursuing Eligibility for Dorial Green-Beckham is Height of Hypocrisy

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On Monday, the University of Oklahoma announced that it was suspending running back Joe Mixon for the season. At the end of July, Mixon was accused of punching a female student at a restaurant. Last Friday, news came out that he would be charged with a misdemeanor count of acts resulting in gross injury.

While announcing the year-long suspension, Oklahoma released a statement that contained the following quote from athletic director Joe Castiglione and head coach Bob Stoops:

“As the University has demonstrated in the past, we are committed to winning the right way. As an example to others, OU sets the highest possible standards for its student athletes, coaches and staff.”

That kind of flowery language would fly when suspending a student-athlete facing allegations of assault, if not for one thing.

Oklahoma is engaging in some heavy mental gymnastics to try to get star wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham eligible to play this season after he was dismissed by Missouri. Oklahoma has sought a waiver of the one-year transfer rule under what is called the “run off” provision, which requires a player to be run off from one school for circumstances beyond his control.

If you don’t recall, Green-Beckham was accused of an assault that took place at an apartment where he allegedly pushed a woman down the stairs.

Green-Beckham unlawfully entered an apartment at 310 W. Old Plank Rd. at 2:36 a.m., according to the report, forcing the door open as one of the occupants was trying to close it on him after initially opening the door because she was expecting company.

According to the report, Green-Beckham “assaulted” another occupant of the apartment after entering it by pushing her, causing her to fall down “at least 4 stairs striking the floor.” Green-Beckham had entered the apartment looking for his girlfriend, according to the report.

The woman did not want to press charges, because “she was afraid of the media and community backlash.”

So while Oklahoma can try to argue technicalities and get Green-Beckham eligible just a few months after that occurred, we can point out realities. It is a blatant case of hypocrisy. That, or winning the right way only includes suspending for behavior that occurred within a short distance from the Oklahoma campus.

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