"The Good Wife:" You Might Not Watch It, But Clippers' Owner Steve Ballmer Does

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“The Good Wife” is a “legal and political drama” according to Wikipedia. I have never seen a second of it. I assume it’s about a wife. Specifically, a good one. On the off-chance that anyone ever actually has any questions about the show, he or she can ask Clippers’ owner Steve Ballmer who turned to the show after retiring from Microsoft. It sounds like things got quite dark. Via the Wall Street Journal:

In an atypical glum mood, Mr. Ballmer retreated to his home overlooking Lake Washington and watched 100 episodes of “The Good Wife” in two weeks.

There are only 112 total episodes of The Good Wife and it sounds like he watched them all at once. I’m willing to bet that Steve Ballmer is the only person in history who uttered the sentence, “I’ll catch up on The Good Wife as soon as I’m done running Microsoft.” After his Marguiles marathon Ballmer played golf, gave speeches, studied Hebrew, and worked on a syllabus for an M.B.A. course he was teaching. I guess the moral of the story is that even super-successful people binge watch media content.

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