Sports Illustrated Made All the NFC Quarterbacks Look Weird and Awkward


wilson-kaepernickSports Illustrated has four regional covers for its 2014 NFL preview issue. Each features a different quarterback duo. The east coast gets Tony Romo and Nick Foles, the midwest gets Jay Cutler and Matthew Stafford, the south gets Matt Ryan and Drew Brees, and the west coast gets Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson. It seems the main theme is “gunslingers in the NFC.” That’s all fine, but what the heck is up with all these pictures? They might as well have photoshopped Beyonce in the background of these covers.

Brees has a goatee, and he and Ryan both look like middle-aged dads. Cutler looks like a bad drawing of Cutler. Romo looks like a confused Brett Favre in a wig. Wilson and Kaepernick look like they were cut out of Expendables 3 at the last minute. Not to mention Wilson’s pants or Kaep’s lack of a shirt. Foles’ mean mug is as intense as Cutler’s attempt at smiling.


Thank Peyton for Stafford. His big head, mop top and goofy grin remain untouched.

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