Classic Maurice Clarett: 'I Gotta Get My Goose On'

Classic Maurice Clarett: 'I Gotta Get My Goose On'


Classic Maurice Clarett: 'I Gotta Get My Goose On'

This is the face of a demented criminal, and the above quote is supposedly what former running back Maurice Clarett repeatedly uttered last August prior to being cut by the Denver Broncos.

Here’s the latest: the most likely reason Clarett was wearing a bullet proof vest and had a cache of weapons in the front seat of us SUV was because he was en route to permanently silence a woman who was going to testify against him in his robbery case. In a chilling footnote, said woman lived a block away from where police maced Clarett, after tasers proved futile against the former Buckeye clad in Kevlar.

The sports world has enjoyed some absolutely scintillating tales of debauchery this year – Dale Davis quoting Steven Seagal before getting tasered by the cops, Matt Leinart doing the walk of shame from Paris Hilton’s house, ESPN’s Harold Reynolds supposedly getting canned for hitting on women, and Mark Cuban partying hard in NYC, and talking about his growing penis to name a few – but the imagery of Clarett swilling from a Grey Goose bottle, wearing a bullet proof vest, and absorbing tasers from four police officers is beyond anything our devious mind could ever made up. Enjoy the bloggers, they’ll have fun with this one.

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