We Haven't Spent Five Minutes with Tim Tebow, But After Last Night, It Is Now Our Dream

We Haven't Spent Five Minutes with Tim Tebow, But After Last Night, It Is Now Our Dream


We Haven't Spent Five Minutes with Tim Tebow, But After Last Night, It Is Now Our Dream

Can someone please check Thom Brennaman’s identification? Seriously. We’d like to see his social security card and passport. We firmly believe he is in some way related to Mountain-Mover/QB Tim Tebow. (Speaking of the Tebow’s family, why no shots of them during the broadcast? Were they in the Phillippines?) We pulled one of Brennaman’s many lascivious quotes last night, and a couple other bloggers are getting on his case for letting the hyperbole fly. Seconds after the game ended, here’s what he said:

“And really, Charles, you begin the conversation now when you talk about greatest players in the history of college football. Tim Tebow, a pair of national championships and a Heisman Trophy award in three years. He is unquestionably in that Top 10, perhaps now in that Top 5.”

In the modern era alone, a couple guys that come to mind are Nebraska’s Tommy Frazier, Oklahoma State’s Barry Sanders, Georgia’s Herschel Walker, and maybe even USC’s Reggie Bush. Brennaman got a little carried away with the excessive praise last night – how many times did he say unquestionably? Four? – and our biggest gripe is that while Tebow had a good game, there are two reasons the Gators really won that game:

1. The Florida training staff for working their Miyagi-like powers on Percy Harvin’s ankle. Harvin tallied 171 all-purpose yards was the offensive MOP. Someone mentioned he could be a Desean Jackson-like figure in the NFL, and that’s a much better assessment than our previous Peter Warrick comparisons.
2. Charlie Strong, the Florida defensive coordinator whose phone will be ringing off the hook for the next week after devising an outstanding plan to hold the highest scoring offense in the history of the sport to 363 yards of offense and 14 points.

Both of these points were lost on Brennaman (who really is a baseball guy) and Charles Davis. It was all-Tebow, all the time. Even over at ESPN (we had to get away from FOX as soon as the game ended), Desmond Howard and Lee Corso was effusive in their praise for Tebow and Harvin … and then Chris Fowler jumped in to mention the Florida defense as the primary reason the Gators took their second championship in three years.

Tebow is a great college football player. No question. What has taken the Tebow love to another level are his off-the-field activities, the political stuff, the church stuff, and of course the big-boobed woman on his arm. He reminds us a little bit – and pardon the white-on-white comparison – of Duke’s Christian Laettner. Great college player, great winner, detested by most everyone who doesn’t attend that school, and probably will be a nice pro with a solid but far-from-spectacular career.

We’d like to see Tebow come back for one more year. Three titles and two Heismans? Then we’d definitely listen to the argument about him being one of the best players in college football history (remember, he only split time as a freshman). What’ll help his cause more than anything: the defense is devoid of seniors. Spikes may jump to the NFL, but 10 others should return.

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