Is This The Miami Marlins Logo?

Is This The Miami Marlins Logo?


Is This The Miami Marlins Logo?


Oh my. This logo showed on a message board today and it looks legit. Is it real? Is it an elaborate hoax being put on by someone in hopes of fooling Marlins’ fans like me? Only time (or an official confirmation/debunking by MLB or the Fish) will tell. Let’s take a look at the best guess for the Marlins’ future look from Miami Diehards:

A black base (hat color, trim etc.)

Some kind of orange as the primary color

Silver and some sort of blue (seat color) used as accents

A logo that incorporates all of the above and the other colors in the stadium logo. We’ll all hate it.

I think we can check all those boxes.

[h/t: @tedhill via Stigs]

Update: This is another possibility from Photobucket per @DannyMartinez4. Same design, but with different colors. I’m already missing the teal. /sad face

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