Red Sox vs. Tigers Game 5: Where's Big Papi?

Red Sox vs. Tigers Game 5: Where's Big Papi?


Red Sox vs. Tigers Game 5: Where's Big Papi?

Miguel Cabrera stole second base against the Tigers ALCS Game 4

Miguel Cabrera stole a base in Game 4. That lone nugget is the best way to succinctly sum up how things went for Boston in the 7-3 loss.

As we get ready to dip into Game 5, is it acceptable to call out David Ortiz yet, or are we still fawning over his game-saving grand slam in Game 2? Because he’s 1-for-15 against Detroit through four games of the ALCS. Now if this were A-Rod — even if his lone hit were also a huge late inning grand slam — he’d be getting destroyed by fans and media alike. But this is Big Papi, the lovable, gentle giant who smiles a lot, so we must allot him ample time to battle through before we harshly judge his performance.

Going tonight for the Red Sox will be Jon Lester, who pitched great in Game 1, allowing one run over 6-1/3 innings. Opposite Lester is Anibel Sanchez, who mastered the art of both the walk (6) and the strikeout (12) in Game 1.

So what? So let’s dance.

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