A-Rod Reportedly Failed Test for Stimulants in 2006

A-Rod Reportedly Failed Test for Stimulants in 2006


A-Rod Reportedly Failed Test for Stimulants in 2006

Miami v Florida State

Another day, another A-Rod story. This time it comes in the form of a lengthy piece by the New York Times detailing Rodriguez’s battle with Major League Baseball and his grievance over his 211-game suspension handed out earlier this year. It’s a good read and goes to show you the lengths both sides are going through to try to win this case, including the lots of alleged purchasing of evidence.

The biggest nugget dropped in the Times story is a reported failed test for stimulants by Rodriguez in 2006. In 2009 A-Rod admitted he took PEDs while playing for Texas from 2001-03.

What is driving the battle on one side is a scorned player desperately trying to expose a process he considers unfair to him. On the other side are baseball officials who believe Mr. Rodriguez has been getting away with doping violations for years. According to people involved with baseball’s antidoping program, he failed a drug test for stimulants in 2006, a previously undisclosed charge.

In turn, A-Rod’s high-priced legal team have already filed an “application” with arbitrator Frederic Horowitz alleging baseball leaked the information to the media via the Daily News, which MLB denied.

At this point there’s been more leaks in this case from both sides than the hull of the Titanic. (Sorry.) The grievance hearing isn’t set to resume until Nov. 14. By that point figure the entire process to devolve into full-on “he said, she said” mode. Actually no, wait, it’s been like that the entire time. Good luck to Horowitz who has to sort through all these information and misinformation to render a decision.

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