A-Rod Sums Up Greivance Hearing: "We crushed it."

A-Rod Sums Up Greivance Hearing: "We crushed it."


A-Rod Sums Up Greivance Hearing: "We crushed it."

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Alex Rodriguez sat down with ESPN’s Wallace Mathews  Thursday night toward the conclusion of his grievance hearing with Major League Baseball about his pending 211-game suspension for alleged PED use. A-Rod offered up perhaps the ultimate A-Rod quote to sum up the hearing:

“We crushed it,” Rodriguez said. “They had nothing.”

If only he added, “bro” and fist-bumped Mike Francesa at the end of it. Then we could all close up shop and go home.

Alas, this story is going to drag well past the Holiday Season. Arbitrator Frederic Horowitz isn’t expected to make a decision on the case until early 2014. From there the case seems destined for Federal Court as A-Rod fights tooth-and-nail to avoid serving one inning of a suspension.

Is A-Rod in the mist of a face turn? He was vilified all summer, although that sentiment began to change when it seemed Bud Selig was specifically targeting Rodriguez to enhance his legacy before the commish retires.

A-Rod says he’s never felt so much love in New York:

“Today was nuts,” Rodriguez said. “The support has been overwhelming in the streets today. People were jumping out of their (bleeping) cars. I been coming to NY for 20 years and, including 2009, I have never had a more positive reaction in the streets. I couldn’t believe this (expletive).”

Makes sense, Rod, since you’re crushing this grievance hearing so hard.

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