Is Jon Bon Jovi Trying to Buy the Buffalo Bills?

Is Jon Bon Jovi Trying to Buy the Buffalo Bills?


Is Jon Bon Jovi Trying to Buy the Buffalo Bills?

Jon Bon Jovi Attends St Louis Rams Vs New England Patriots At Wembley Stadium

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Let’s see if we can all get through all this without making a lazy pun from Bon Jovi lyrics, shall we? Ready, go:

Jon Bon Jovi has been angling himself in an attempt to purchase the Buffalo Bills should they come up for sale, reports CBS’s Jason La Canfora. According to the story, the rock star has been ingratiating himself to movers and shakers in the Toronto community, where the Bills play each year, and sought relationships with various NFL owners and GMs.

Bon Jovi, who previously almost acquired a minority stake the Atlanta Falcons, reportedly wants to be a principal owner in the league. This obviously requires a considerable amount of capital — the Bills are currently valued at $870 million — and to make this omelette Bon Jovi has had to crack some eggs. La Canfora writes:

According to several sources in the music industry, Bon Jovi’s dismissal of longtime guitarist Richie Sambora is likely even related to his pursuit of a franchise, as Sambora was the highest-paid member of his band and the next most prominent member, and by using session musicians or unknowns, he is then able to keep his costs down.

With this ruthless, emotion-shedding pursuit of greater profits, Bon Jovi would fit right in with the rest of the NFL owners.

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