Bill Simmons vs. Adrian Wojnarowski? Probably Not, But ...

Bill Simmons vs. Adrian Wojnarowski? Probably Not, But ...


Bill Simmons vs. Adrian Wojnarowski? Probably Not, But ...

ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season 11It would be delicious to have a Bill Simmons vs. Adrian Wojnarowski NBA feud, wouldn’t it? Of course! And the half a dozen people who sent this recent Simmons Facebook status update my way probably hope it turns into a battle.

simmons woj

Simmons occasionally tweets about Wojnarowski scoops, but I can’t remember a time he’s taken a shot – even a veiled one – about getting the scoops. Or was Simmons joking here because he tagged Rockets GM Daryl Morey in the update? My Facebook sarcasm detector is broken, and frankly, I only use Facebook to post photos of my kids.

For those of you who actually care enough to jump to the Facebook update in question, Morey responded.

I emailed Wojnarowski to see if he had any thoughts on this, and he wrote, “That thing speaks for itself. I will keep working.”

The 2014 Sloan Conference is at the end of the month in Boston. There will be plenty of professional sports teams represented – Lakers, Celtics, Astros, Red Sox, Falcons, Browns – a lot of smart-looking white males. It is sponsored by ESPN.

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