Curling Fever is Sweeping Brazil, Apparently

Curling Fever is Sweeping Brazil, Apparently


Curling Fever is Sweeping Brazil, Apparently

Every four years people come out of the woodwork claiming to love curling. It’s hard to tell if it’s genuine affection for the Winter Olympic sport or some sort of ironic statement. Over the years those sentiments have probably blurred together anyway. Regardless, it appears even places with a warm climate like Brazil aren’t immune to the charms of sweeping a rock down a sheet of ice.

DYI curling — Brazilian-style — looks like a lot of fun … for about 20 seconds as this clip would attest.

Fear not, Brazil does indeed have its own Ice Sports Federation. Who knows, maybe the guy in the video is trying to get ahead of the curve, inventing a post-climate change version of the sport.

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