C.J. Wilson Needs a New Windshield

C.J. Wilson Needs a New Windshield


C.J. Wilson Needs a New Windshield

C.J. Wilson’s car windshield is on the 15-day disabled list after it was struck by a foul ball during batting practice yesterday in Tempe. 

It’s just another reason to feel bad for the guy.

The Los Angeles Angels hurler took the opportunity to share some hitting tips to wannabe BP heroes, which will surely be appreciated.

Haha! First time in 13 spring trainings that my car got hit with a baseball. @zoomzoomnation CX5 loses windshield to lefty foul ball BP homer. May the odds ever be in your favor! #mazda #springtraining14@angels #BPHomers #trygoingdeeptocenter

You see that, kids? Baseball can be exciting.


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