Matt Harvey Tangentially Involved in Late Night New York Bar Fight Reports New York Tabloid

Matt Harvey Tangentially Involved in Late Night New York Bar Fight Reports New York Tabloid


Matt Harvey Tangentially Involved in Late Night New York Bar Fight Reports New York Tabloid

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The Yankees and Mets wrapped up the Subway Series Thursday night. The Bombers won 1-0 thanks in part to an eye-opening six-strikeout performance in relief from Dellin Betances at Citi Field. However, you have to wonder what the New York talkshows will be gabbing about come Friday morning? The game result or this story from the New York Post‘s Page Six involving Matt Harvey and a late night bar fight?

Apparently Harvey and friends were at lounge called the Gilded Lilly and a fight broke out around 2:30 a.m. over a woman. It doesn’t sound like Harvey himself was that closely involved (although the Post‘s eye-catching headline says he ‘almost got beat up’), but that probably won’t matter for anyone with a talk radio microphone. Nor will a Mets’ rep telling the Post that Harvey wasn’t involved in any altercation, chalking it up to “wrong place at the wrong time.”

From the Post:

Sources said a friend of Harvey was involved in the fracas, but the pitcher — who was due at an MLB event a few hours later — stepped away from the melee and left.
A witness said, “Matt was there with friends when a fight broke out over a girl between someone in his group and another group at a nearby table. Matt was right there. Somebody lunged at him and his group, he stepped aside and left. Security broke things up.”

Harvey is out for the season after undergoing Tommy John surgery last August, but has remained in the news. Believe it or not, the site of his rehab — he wants to be in New York rather than Port St. Lucie, Fla. when the Mets are home — turned into a minor story in the late stages of Spring Training. Last month a photo Harvey posted to Twitter of his middle finger to commemorate his six-month surgery anniversary also caused a media ripple.

Coincidentally, earlier Thursday before the bar fight story emerged, Harvey met with reporters at a promotional event and addressed his headline-garnering lifestyle:

“I guess having a life outside of baseball is sometimes not OK,” Harvey said Thursday. “I live my life. I enjoy going to Rangers games. I enjoy going to Knicks games. I’m a big sports fan, so going to games is not something I’m going to change doing. I can’t help what people think.”

Last December WFAN’s Joe Benigno got upset Harvey attended a Knicks game with his then girlfriend, model Anne V. You can only imagine what level of outrage this bar fight story will garner?

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