Shocking Details of Towson Cheerleader Hazing Will Probably Not Shock You

Shocking Details of Towson Cheerleader Hazing Will Probably Not Shock You

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Shocking Details of Towson Cheerleader Hazing Will Probably Not Shock You


Towson’s cheerleading team was suspended during the 2013-2014 academic year following an off-campus hazing incident. The cheerleading team was suspended from participating in any on or off-campus events – including sporting events – for a semester. The Baltimore Sun has the shocking details of the incident.

The university found that freshmen on the team had gone to an off-campus apartment, where they were told at the door by veteran members that they could say no to anything they were asked to do.

Right form the start, it sounds horrible.

Then the women were told they had a choice between doing cocaine or heroin, to test their understanding of team rules. “Although no drugs were provided, this was done to let the new members on the team know that the team was drug free,” investigators wrote.

Freshmen were encouraged to NOT use drugs.

The new cheerleaders were given the choice to either funnel a beer or take a shot of alcohol, and all the women obliged, according to the investigation.

Underage college kids offered a single alcoholic beverage. (And remember, they were told they didn’t have to do anything they didn’t want to do.)

They were taken to a room in the apartment where they were blindfolded and given adult diapers to wear over their shorts.

OK. Finally, some humiliation. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

The freshmen were then led into the apartment’s living room, where the blindfolds were removed, and most of the women performed a brief individual dance wearing the diaper in front of the rest of the team.

They were led from one room to another in a college apartment which means many of these cheerleaders were asked to travel upwards of 10-feet blindfolded while wearing an adult diaper.

The team then danced together, investigators wrote. Not all members of the team were present at the activity.

And then, they danced. As a group.

Look, I’m against hazing. It can be childish, traumatizing, dangerous and at its best – like in this situation – it is stupid. It is good for a college to take a hard line against hazing, but for harmless stuff like this, the punishment should really better fit the crime.

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