Chicago Cubs Sue Bogus Mascot Allegedly Caught in Bar Fight

Chicago Cubs Sue Bogus Mascot Allegedly Caught in Bar Fight


Chicago Cubs Sue Bogus Mascot Allegedly Caught in Bar Fight

Billy Cub lawsuit

The Chicago Cubs have a filed a lawsuit against a group of men who have been dressing up in an unofficial mascot costume and causing trouble around Wrigley Field.

The Cubs filed the suit in U.S. District Court Friday against John Paul Weier, Patrick Weier and three unnamed individuals who they claim have been dressing as a “Billy Cub” character in the Wrigleyville area and presenting the character as a representative of the team, without the team’s permission.

In addition to “mascot-like activities” like dancing and high-fiving, the men have been making “rude, profane and derogatory remarks and gesticulations to patrons, ticket holders, fans or other individuals located in the area of Wrigley Field,” according to the suit.

Our site covered the long back-story of this lawsuit back in January when Clark the Cub was unveiled.

This video, uploaded to YouTube in April, shows a man removing the mascot’s head before getting punched in the face. The suit identifies the punch-thrower as Patrick Weier, who claimed he was retaliating after a drunk patron instigated the fight.

The franchise alleges it has suffered significant harm to its reputation after the video went viral.

As you know, the Cubs have a sterling reputation built on clean mascot behavior.

Honestly, the exciting part about this whole thing is the possibility serious discussion will be had in a court of law regarding what is and what is not typical mascot behavior. Perhaps the San Diego Chicken can be called as an expert.


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