British Bro Tries Waterskiing in Wisconsin, Flat Out Eats It

British Bro Tries Waterskiing in Wisconsin, Flat Out Eats It


British Bro Tries Waterskiing in Wisconsin, Flat Out Eats It

This is video of my buddy Charlie, who originates from the other side of the pond, trying and failing to stay standing on a pair of waterskis. (This is not meant to throw shade; I wouldn’t be able to balance for half that long.) The clip, which I regrettably did not get to see live, takes place in a small northern Wisconsin village a little over a half-hour away from Superior and Duluth.

Charlie was a staff member at my old summer camp, which hosted its annual “Family Camp” last week. During that period, they turn the place into sort of a resort. I say sort of, because the cabins are equipped with twin beds, and there’s nothing you can do to avoid tracking sand into your sheets. That’s more or less the point, though, and alumni forego luxurious vacations to go up there and let the world go on without them.

The pace of living is just different inside and right around the camp, and it’s necessary to spend stretches away from frenetic refreshing of my Twitter timeline. I admittedly did not disconnect entirely, but the periods I did spend by the lake, or in the local taverns, really did help me recharge my batteries. As an added bonus, I was somehow able to avoid my several-pound weight gain traditional with trips up North.

So many of my lifelong friends are associated with the camp, and its grounds are sacred to me. I wish it were in any way practical to spend more than a week or two per year up there.

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