LeBron James is Messing With Us - Or He Just Doesn't Care

LeBron James is Messing With Us - Or He Just Doesn't Care


LeBron James is Messing With Us - Or He Just Doesn't Care

LeBron James is messing with us. LeBron James is 31-years old. He’s a pretty sharp guy. This technological age we’re living in? He was born in it. Molded by it. He didn’t see how stupid it all was until he was a man. And that’s where we are now. The best basketball player on the planet is straight up f—ing with the people who live on the Internet, over-analyzing his every move.

Reporters. Fans. Bloggers. He posts stupid motivational posters to Instagram so you’ll think he’s deep. He posts pictures with certain teammates so you’ll think there’s a feud. He flies to Miami to hang out with his best friend. He unfollows the team he plays for on Twitter so you think he’s decided to leave again. He’s f—ing with us.

Or he just doesn’t care. When you’ve got LeBron James-type money and exposure, you shouldn’t have to worry about maintaining social media and maybe he doesn’t. Have you ever taken a group photograph with some friends or co-workers, but a couple of your friends or co-workers weren’t around so they’re not in the picture? Not everyone you know and like is always in the same place. Sometimes, a picture is just a picture. Sometimes you visit your friends when you have time off. And sometimes you unfollow a Twitter feed because it sucks.

You think LeBron James needs to see this?

That’s LeBron James! That’s him! There is literally nothing on the @Cavs feed that LeBron doesn’t already know or see in person. You think he’s not privy to the information about daily McDonald’s promotions at Cavaliers’ home games? I bet he is. You think he needs Vines of his teammates going through the layup line clogging up his feed? He doesn’t. Nobody does. If you want pictures of Matthew Dellavedova in your life, follow this idiot:

As for LeBron, he’s just doing stuff online. (This morning he apparently followed the Cavaliers on Instagram.)


That’s why you get the stupid news cycle about him unfollowing @Cavs. You think that’s any more or less insufferable than the daily “Kevin Durant Loves [whatever city OKC is visiting]!” stories?

The answer is – it’s all stupid. You will watch and love or hate these guys wherever they are. Stop caring so much. Because look what you’re doing to the local newspaper.

There are at least 28.9 million of you who care about this, at least a little. Because you’re among those who follow the Cavs’ superstar on the social media site.

For the select few who are reading this story on the Internet but are not among James’ followers, to “unfollow” someone means to willfully (unless, of course, you accidentally hit the button) cut off your own access to James’ 140-character messages.

To “unfollow” can be a sign of waning interest. Perhaps a slight. Maybe, as previously mentioned, an accident.

That sounds ridiculous, but you know what? It is completely accurate. Do you have newspaper-reading, non-Internetting relatives? Do you think they have a firm grasp on the social media politics of Twitter? Probably not. And LeBron bless them because they aren’t subject to these meaningless stories on a daily basis.

As the Cleveland.com piece points out, LeBron always goes quiet on social media during the playoffs. And then what happens? We talk about what he’s reading. You know who encourages reading? New York Knicks president Phil Jackson. I’m not saying. I’m just saying!

So @LeBronJames – who is not a good follow on Twitter – stopped following @Cavs – who is not a good follow on Twitter. This does not concern you, nor should it interest you. But if you think otherwise, that’s your mistake and that’s OK too.

UPDATE: LeBron is totally f-ing with us. AND he doesn’t care.

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