Dana White Made Floyd Mayweather an Offer He Can Refuse [UPDATE]

Dana White Made Floyd Mayweather an Offer He Can Refuse [UPDATE]


Dana White Made Floyd Mayweather an Offer He Can Refuse [UPDATE]

Dana White joined The Herd today to make a counter-offer to Floyd Mayweather, who was in the ESPN Carwash earlier this week talking about how he made a $15 million offer plus incentives to Conor McGregor for them to fight. McGregor, White said, remains under UFC contract, and said Mayweather has not contacted him.

White countered with a $25 million guarantee for both Mayweather and McGregor, with an unspecified split of the proceeds to sweeten the pot for Mayweather. The UFC figurehead disputed Mayweather’s characterization that he is the ‘A’ side in the potential match — Mayweather’s last fight against Manny Pacquaio was an Ambien pill, and McGregor’s last several PPVs have significantly outdrawn him — as well as the assertion that McGregor has never made more than $8-10 million for a fight.

Anyways, who knows the actual figures, but it’s safe to say Floyd Mayweather made over $100 million for his fight against Pacquaio. For the same reason that we have no idea if Mayweather’s proposal is worth it for McGregor when he won’t publicize the incentive structure, there is reason to be dubious of Dana White’s offer. Cowherd, at the end of the segment, estimated that each fighter would make $60-70 million for the fight. That number may or may not be enough for Mayweather.

When news of this potential fight first broke, it was our opinion that it is never going to happen. But, the primary players keep talking about it, and there is a lot of money involved. Maybe down the road an agreement gets struck?

UPDATE: Floyd Mayweather refused Dana White’s offer, calling him a “fucking comedian,” and presented his apparently expensive watch as evidence why:

Disclosure: TBL’s founding editor Jason McIntyre appears alongside Colin Cowherd on FS1’s Speak for Yourself.

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