Cleveland Browns Trying Desperately To Land Jimmy Garoppolo

Cleveland Browns Trying Desperately To Land Jimmy Garoppolo


Cleveland Browns Trying Desperately To Land Jimmy Garoppolo

The Cleveland Browns have already made a splash since free agency opened and are clearly not done. After acquiring Brock Osweiler Brock Osweiler’s contract and two draft picks from the Houston Texans and releasing Robert Griffin III, the Browns have now cast their eyes on Jimmy Garoppolo.

The Browns are reportedly working hard to land Garoppolo from the New England Patriots and are armed with a ton of draft picks to try and make it happen. In the next two drafts Cleveland has three first-round picks and five second-rounders. This year the Browns have the No. 1 and No. 12 overall picks.

The Patriots have apparently asked for the No. 1 pick for Garoppolo, but there is zero chance that happens. The Browns may be willing to part with the 12th pick and one of next year’s second-rounders for Garoppolo. If that deal is on the table, the Patriots should absolutely take it. If they can, maybe they get the Browns to throw in a late-round pick or two as well.

I have no idea if Garoppolo is good enough to be worth the 12th pick and a second-rounder, but I mean, the guy sure is handsome. I guess that means something, right?

Garoppolo just finished his third NFL season, and played in six games for the Patriots in 2016. He completed 68.3 of his passes for 502 yards, with four touchdowns and no interceptions. He was 2-0 in a pair of starts while Tom Brady was suspended to open the season.

It’s an incredibly limited sample size, but some NFL execs have determined the dreamy signal-caller is the next big thing. Will it work out? Who knows? But if the Browns are sold on him they should go after him full-force.

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