Julian Edelman and Adriana Lima Are No Mas

Julian Edelman and Adriana Lima Are No Mas

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Julian Edelman and Adriana Lima Are No Mas

The public courtship between Julian Edelman and Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima has come to a conclusion, according to E!.

It was never really clear whether Edelman and Lima were exclusively dating or not. They held hands in Nantucket. She cheered him on in the playoffs. However, there were also leaks during the Fall that he was merely in her “starting lineup.”

Despite these public linkings, E! says that the pair “tried to keep their relationship private and never walked a red carpet together.” This explanation is plausible, I guess, for the first sighting — while New England is not exactly teeming with paparazzi, maybe they did just get caught in a lark last summer? But, once the cat was out of the bag, we can’t act like Lima going to Foxboro in Edelman apparel, and then going on the field after the game, was some sort of state secret.

Anyways, E! attributes the breakup to “conflicting schedules.” Who will they be linked to next?

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