Marlins Employee Adopts #RallyCat

Marlins Employee Adopts #RallyCat


Marlins Employee Adopts #RallyCat

Good news everyone, Rally Cat has found a home! Yes the kitten the Internet fell in love with two nights ago after it strolled around Marlins Park now has a permanent place to sleep.

An employee of the Miami Marlins has taken the cat in, and while the feline is still a tad skittish, all seems to be well.

Hey look, I don’t want a stranger looking at me while I eat or drink either, that doesn’t me shy, it makes me normal. Give the cat a break.

The Marlins clearly still have #RallyCat fever, so here’s hoping the franchise pitches in for a bed, some catnip and a few toys for the little guy.

We do need to work on the “Don Cattingly” name though. That’s just ridiculous. I mean if Don Mattingly is fired after this season, then you just doomed your cat to a ridiculous name for the rest of its life. I think we can do better. Suggestions?

Anyway, we’re glad Rally Cat has found a home.

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