Someone At Seahawks Headquarters Made Frank Clark Apologize For Awful Tweet

Someone At Seahawks Headquarters Made Frank Clark Apologize For Awful Tweet


Someone At Seahawks Headquarters Made Frank Clark Apologize For Awful Tweet

Frank Clark sent out a disrespectful tweet on Tuesday night and clearly the Seattle Seahawks were not happy about it. Clark, who was arrested for domestic violence in 2014, went after Natalie Weiner, a writer who had penned several pieces about domestic violence and the NFL.

On Wednesday he apologized in a tweet, but the location he sent it from is interesting.

Here’s that tweet:

Focus on this part:

He sent it from Seahawks headquarters. So there are three possible explanations:

1. Clark realized he screwed up and decided to apologize and just happened to be at the Seahawks facility at the time.

2. The Seahawks called him in, reamed him and forced him to write an apology while they monitored and parsed it.

3. Someone with the Seahawks got Clark’s login information and posted this on his behalf.

I think we can throw Option 1 out immediately. There’s no way Clark was just hanging out at the facility and suddenly realized he should apologize. This was clearly an apology crafted by the Seahawks. Also, if you look through Clark’s most recent tweets, there is no location marker. Take a look:

(You can check the rest of his feed for more evidence of that)

So OK, maybe he just turned the location tag on for his tweets. Sure, totally plausible. But here’s the thing, Clark offered a ridiculously weak apology Tuesday night:

Then right after that completely insincere tweet, he liked a ton of responses from fans supporting him and bashing the writer:

So yesterday he bullied a reporter and offered a half-assed apology, then liked a ton of tweets supporting him and bashing the same writer. Then today he’s at team headquarters, has a crazy change of heart, realizes the error of his ways and tweets out another apology all on his own? Sorry, not buying it.

Look, I hope Clark truly does feel his actions were completely ridiculous, because they were. He went after a female reporter who had written two excellent pieces about the NFL and domestic violence. That’s unacceptable and at the very least the Seahawks need to take some kind of action. Clark is the last guy who should be taking shots at anyone who writes about domestic violence given his history.

I don’t really care if the Seahawks crafted his apology if they take action on top of it. But apologizing is not enough, some kind of message needs to be sent to show this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

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