Dwyane Wade May Not Be Retired, But He's Looks Ready

Dwyane Wade May Not Be Retired, But He's Looks Ready


Dwyane Wade May Not Be Retired, But He's Looks Ready

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are in Paris, trying not to think about Dwyane Wade’s future in the NBA. Wade opted into the final year of his contract right before the Bulls gave away Jimmy Butler in one of the worst trades possible and now he’s stuck on a team headed to Tanksville, waiting to be bought out. Or not.

35-year old Dwyane Wade had his worst scoring season since his rookie year and shot a career-worst 43% from the field last season. His numbers against the Celtics were even worse.

When Wade does get out of his contract with the Bulls (this season or next) what serious contender will need or want him? Despite a diminishing skill set, he might have been able to help the Cavaliers last season if he had taken a massive pay cut. He didn’t.

He’s probably OK with that. Maybe he’s happy to collect large checks, help his hometown team suck for another season and then he’ll retire. Last season he was just one of the 8 remaining NBA players from the 2003 NBA Draft class. That time is near.

Wade has won three titles and a Finals MVP. When this contract ends, he’ll have made $200 million on the court and has been a viable pitchman for over a decade. Dwyane Wade doesn’t need to play basketball for money or accomplishment. What does he want to do? I guess he wants to wear fancy clothes and do voices in weird Saudi Arabian cartoons. That’s cool. I mean, just look at this handbag shaped like a dog.

When you own that handbag what can basketball really mean? Wade clearly has things figured out. He just hasn’t told us yet.

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