John Calipari Rumored to Be Going to the Knicks (Again)

John Calipari Rumored to Be Going to the Knicks (Again)


John Calipari Rumored to Be Going to the Knicks (Again)

John Calipari and the New York Knicks have not been in contact despite sources. ESPN’s Ian Begley reported that that Calipari had reached out to the New York Knicks about taking Phil Jackson’s old job. Sources also told Begley that the Knicks were not interested in Calipari. The Sporting News reached out to Calipari who texted back, “Not true.” Coach Cal also took to Twitter from Egypt to deny the rumor.

As you may recall, Calipari is rumored to be attached to a different NBA team every year. To just name a few there was Sacramento, Cleveland, Washington and New York five years ago. As you can see from the first and last links there, even Adrian Wojnarowski isn’t above pushing a Cal to [insert NBA team name] rumor now and then. Even though it doesn’t appear that discussions ever went past a phone call – if discussions ever took place at all.

Coach Cal is the biggest name in college basketball and he previously tried his hand at coaching in the NBA [two decades ago] so it’s a fun thing to keep recycling these rumors. Sure, he’s probably got the best job in all of basketball, but pageviews. Until next time, Coach Cal is staying at Kentucky.

Oh, I feel like I should also mention that if John Calipari started dating a camel, their celebrity couple name would be Coach Camel.

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