LaVar Ball's Non-Existent Combine Results Are Mind-Blowing

LaVar Ball's Non-Existent Combine Results Are Mind-Blowing


LaVar Ball's Non-Existent Combine Results Are Mind-Blowing

LaVar Ball is one of the best athletes to ever live. He could beat Michael Jordan at basketball and he’s a better football player than Rob Gronkowski. So why didn’t he ever make an actual mark in either sport? Because he didn’t have the right people behind him. And that makes total sense when you hear what a monster he was. Here’s how LaVar Ball, the man with the greatest memory of all-time, remembers LaVar Ball, the amazing, but unappreciated athlete.

“270 lbs with a 48-inch vertical, benching 500 pounds, running a 4.5, 4.6.”

That’s quite a specimen. For comparison sake, let’s look at how Ball would have fared at the 2017 NFL Combine using a little sports science.

Mississippi tight end Even Engram ran a 4.42. Nine other tight ends ran in the 4.5-4.6 range. A 48-inch vertical would have been the top number at this year’s combine by far. Especially impressive considering he could bench press 500 pounds.

At the combine players see how many times they can put up 225-pounds. This year Auburn’s Carl Lawson did it 35 times. Since LaVar can do more than twice that weight, simple math says he could have done 225-pounds 70 times. I’m sure LaVar can confirm that calculation.

RESULTS: LaVar Ball was a monster. Every NFL scout working in the early to mid-90’s who missed out on Ball should be fired. Amazingly, the only team with a front office foresight and scouting acumen to accurately surmise that LaVar Ball was an NFL player were the New  York Jets. If only they had drafted him. He could have been the crown jewel of this video.

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