The Rally Cat is Now Missing

The Rally Cat is Now Missing


The Rally Cat is Now Missing

A cat ran onto the Busch Stadium field and delayed Wednesday night’s Cardinals-Royals game. Yadier Molina blasted a go-ahead grand slam when play resumed. People ascribed mythical powers to the stray, dubbing it the Rally Cat. Parody accounts were created and the feline was quickly forgiven for biting an actual human.

But, as it often does, the second-day story is turning bizarre. The St. Louis Cardinals, through no fault of their own, have lost contact with the Rally Cat, per a team release.

The bitten grounds crew member released the cat near a gate, where a woman grabbed it claimed ownership. She left the stadium abruptly but then apparently lost track of it shortly after.

The cat is now not only missing out on its viral fame but is actually missing. An optimist can hope for the best but real-life isn’t Oliver and the mean streets can be a tough place for kitty. It could be doing unrcontionable things for milk and specks of canned tuna.

Very troubling. Pray for the best, people.

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