Sam Darnold is the QB the Jets Need, and to Get Him, They Should Hire Josh McDaniels

Sam Darnold is the QB the Jets Need, and to Get Him, They Should Hire Josh McDaniels


Sam Darnold is the QB the Jets Need, and to Get Him, They Should Hire Josh McDaniels

On any list of the “10 Hottest Names to become an NFL head coach in 2018,” Josh McDaniels is near the top.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have been chiefly responsible for the Patriots’ nearly two-decade dynasty; did you know that when McDaniels left for three years – two as head coach of the Broncos and one as offensive coordinator of the Rams – the Patriots didn’t win a Super Bowl? (They did get there, but lost to the Giants, 21-17.)

Little known fact about the current offensive coordinator of the Patriots: McDaniels has been with Brady and Belichick for all five Super Bowl victories. McDaniels joined the team as a personnel assistant in 2001 before moving to QB coach by 2004.

The last thing McDaniels, 41, has left to prove is as a head coach. He got too much power too early in his Denver career as coach and GM, and was bounced before his 2nd season was already complete.

McDaniels clearly knows offense, and has worked in lockstep with Brady for over a decade. McDaniels is the kind of name young QBs would want to learn from.

Enter the New York Jets.

They’re going to be the worst team in the NFL this year. The offense is going to be painful to watch and that’s after they lost their best skill position player, a guy you’ve probably never heard of if you live outside of New York or don’t play fantasy football.

So enter McDaniels and … Sam Darnold with the #1 pick in the NFL draft?

That’s what I discussed with Peter King Saturday on Fox Sports Radio, and he came out of left field with a stunner:

Remember Peyton Manning in 1997? Everybody thought he was going to come out and play for the Jets and Bill Parcells. Well, there were reasons why he didn’t come out.

The worst thing anybody can do – like with the Jets – is to design their 2018 draft plans around Sam Darnold. Because he can wake up on Jan 11th, call his dad and basically say, ‘I’m not coming out in the draft. I want another year out here.’

… What happens if the New York Jets go and try to hire Josh McDaniels … here’s the one issue I would say. Who would you rather have of your choice opening day QB in 2018? Jimmy Garoppolo or Sam Darnold? Tough call, isn’t it?

McDaniels-to-the Jets gets fascinating because he’s also worked with Garoppolo, and what if the Patriots dangle him on the trade market because Tom Brady can play a couple more years?

Would the Patriots trade a potential star QB within the division? I think that’s a dead giveaway they don’t view Garoppolo as a franchise QB. If you’re wondering about rivals trading, it’s been done before between these two teams, though it didn’t work out well for the Jets.

The Jets are going to be far more interesting off-the-field this year with speculation about 2018, than they are on it.

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