The Big Lead "Stick to Sports" Reader Survey

The Big Lead "Stick to Sports" Reader Survey


The Big Lead "Stick to Sports" Reader Survey

Like it or not, there are politics in your sports. It was easier to ignore as recently as a week ago, but with President Donald Trump taking on teams and athletes in the two most popular American sports, even news organizations that previously [arguably] stuck to sports were forced to bring politics into their coverage.

Earlier this week we saw the results of one survey that suggested the majority of people sided with Donald Trump when it came to the National Anthem protest controversy. How do you – readers of an actual sports website – view the issues you’re surely forced to discuss with family and friends?

Is there any escaping a mix of sports and politics in 2017 and beyond? And what side do the fans fall on? How about the media? Tell us what you think in this sporting political survey.

Now for the media. Should they stick to sports?

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