The 7 Most Important NFL Stats From Week 9

The 7 Most Important NFL Stats From Week 9


The 7 Most Important NFL Stats From Week 9


The Raiders got a nice road win in Miami after their offense steamrolled the Dolphins. But the Oakland defense set a record for futility: It was their ninth straight game to start the season without an interception – an NFL record.


The Saints have had offense for years under Drew Brees, but the defense and special teams held up their part of the bargain. Sunday they scored on a blocked punt returned for a TD against the Bucs, and it was their 4th non-offensive touchdown of 2017. They had three such touchdowns from 2013-2016.


The Saints are so hot, they deserve two spots here. They’ve won six straight, and are only the 3rd team in NFL history to win six straight after an 0-2 start. The other two teams to do it? They won the Super Bowl: The 1993 Cowboys and the 2007 Giants.


The lowest-rated QB who started an NFL game Sunday was … you guessed it, Brock Osweiler! He was sacked three times, threw two interceptions, and the Eagles dropped at least two more. Osweiler never gave the Broncos a chance to compete, and the game was over by halftime. John Elway has some explaining to do.


The Bengals only ran 37 plays in their 23-7 loss to the Jaguars. The Bengals were completely dominated in every statistical category, but 37 plays was significantly because it was a franchise-low for plays. It didn’t help that AJ Green was lost to ejection. But the numbers are gnarly: Total yards, 408-148; 1st downs 26-8; 3rd downs 12-for-18 to 1-for-8; time of possession 40:14 to 19:46.


Yards rushing by Adrian Peterson in a win over the 49ers. The 32-year old did it on a whopping 37 carries, the most ever for someone his age in NFL history. He’s still stuck on 99 career touchdowns, though.


Russell Wilson had another monster offensive effort, but this time the Seahawks lost. Wilson had 297 yards passing and 70 rushing, totaling 374 yards of Seattle’s 437. Last week vs Houston, Wilson had 482 total yards, and the Seahawks had just 479 as a team (negative rushing yards). This isn’t sustainable. They’ve got a single point of failure. If Wilson has to even leave for a few plays or a series or two, the Seahawks will be in trouble.

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