Roger Goodell Reportedly "Furious" About Idea of Performance-Based Salary

Roger Goodell Reportedly "Furious" About Idea of Performance-Based Salary


Roger Goodell Reportedly "Furious" About Idea of Performance-Based Salary

Roger Goodell seemed like he could do whatever he wanted for the longest time. Now that he has messed with Jerry Jones’ star running back, it appears he has made a powerful enemy. An enemy that wants him to at the very least, earn his exorbitant salary. Goodell is reportedly unhappy with this development. Via ESPN:

A person who spoke recently with Goodell said the commissioner is “furious” about Jones’ and other owners’ insistence that his next contract’s compensation should be more performance-based, including incentives that would allow him to be paid at roughly the same level of his current deal. “He feels as if the owners have made a lot of money and he should be compensated accordingly,” the source said. “The incentives thing really angers him.”

Goodell has earned a total of more than $200 million since he was elected commissioner in August 2006, including $44 million in 2014 and $34 million in 2015. In May, at the league’s spring meetings in Chicago, Jones joined his fellow owners in authorizing the compensation committee to work on extending Goodell’s contract. But at the owners’ meetings in New York last month, Jones told his fellow owners that Goodell’s proposed next contract “is the most one-sided deal ever.”

To put that in perspective, Peyton Manning made $249 million in a career that spanned 1998 to 2015. Tom Brady has made $197 million in his career and he’s been playing since 2000. So Goodell could take a massive pay cut for the next couple years and easily still easily eclipse the career earnings of the two biggest stars of the last two decades.

And then there are the hundreds of other football players who will never see a fraction of Goodell’s salary. Many of whom are working for performance-based compensation. As the owners would tell those players, if there’s somewhere else that you can make that much money, go work there, Roger.

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