Why Does Sean McDermott Keep His Job, When Tyrod Taylor Lost His?

Why Does Sean McDermott Keep His Job, When Tyrod Taylor Lost His?


Why Does Sean McDermott Keep His Job, When Tyrod Taylor Lost His?

Sean McDermott is still the head coach of the Buffalo Bills. That is absolutely amazing. After starting 5-2, the Bills have lost three consecutive games by a combined 80 points. How has McDermott kept his job when Tyrod Taylor lost his after just two losses? His defense has given up an average of 45 points a game over the last three weeks.

Quite simply, McDermott is not doing everything he can to help his team win. He benched a capable quarterback in favor of a rookie who threw five interceptions in a single half of football. That’s who Nate Peterman is now. That’s the kind of thing that defines a football player’s career. Before the game teammates struggled to even imagine what he was capable of. LeSean McCoy was left to throw out ridiculous numbers like five interceptions. That’s outlandish.

Now McDermott needs to evaluate. Because watching five interceptions in a half is not something that a professional football coach can pick up with the naked eye.

Via BuffaloBills.com:

“I’m going to make the decision that I feel is right for this football team,”

“I’m going to evaluate,” he said. “I’m going to take my time and evaluate.”

So the public won’t know which Bills QB will be playing catch-up next Sunday for a couple more days. Does it matter? McDermott has to stick with Peterman now. Five interceptions don’t change what kind of player he is. Via BuffaloBills.com:

“It wasn’t what he had hoped for or we had hoped for. At the same time, you know when you put a young quarterback out there there’s going to be some ups and downs and that’s part of it. The good part about Nate [Peterman] is he’s a tough individual and a good football player. To me, it’s not indicative of who he is as a player, but he’s going to go through some of this. All good players do.”

McDermott can’t just reverse course because of five fluky interceptions. Peterman was obviously the wrong choice on Sunday. The question is, was McDermott incompetent or willfully trying to hurt his team? Either way, he’s the one to blame.

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