The WWE Should Only Consider Two Roles for Ronda Rousey

The WWE Should Only Consider Two Roles for Ronda Rousey


The WWE Should Only Consider Two Roles for Ronda Rousey

With former UFC great Ronda Rousey now an official member of the WWE, the question transitions to how will they use her.

Since she came out wearing Rowdy Roddy Piper’s jacket and a white “Hot Ronda” shirt after the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble, the WWE Universe has been speculating. While nothing specific about her role has been made clear, it was reported by ESPN she had signed a deal making her a full-time talent.

With WrestleMania season officially underway, her first feud is sure to become clear within the next few weeks. Until then, there are only two logical ways the WWE should use their new mainstream star (keep in my mind, their booking over the past year has been questionable at best):

The Brock Lesnar role

This is the easiest way to make her stardom last the longest. If Rousey takes on the role that Brock Lesnar has had since leaving the UFC, it will make each of her appearances feel like appointment viewing television. Lesnar’s limited role has been simple and effective: show up periodically, have big matches at big events, say little, get a crowd reaction, and dominate. But the part that is most vital in his role is Paul Heyman. Lesnar’s advocate is the mouthpiece that makes this all work. Lesnar is not able to carry a program on the mic, therefore, they paired him with the best in the business:

Whether Lesnar re-signs with the WWE or not, Heyman and Rousey must happen. The report says Rousey is full-time, but that does not mean she will be on television weekly, or most importantly, doing house shows. Having Rousey on weekly would quickly decrease the mystique around her character. Unless she is surprisingly phenomenal on the mic or can go long in matches instantly, she will be exposed by SummerSlam. If the WWE chooses this route, they should have her first match a squash in the weeks leading up to WrestleMania, and have her quickly defeat one of the WWE’s top women in New Orleans. Then proceed to have her enter the title picture later in the year when they are ready for the belt to not be on television weekly. Rousey should enter next year’s WrestleMania undefeated.

Long feud with Stephanie McMahon

The company created its most successful star ever in Stone Cold Steve Austin by having him take on Vince McMahon, and they should do the same with Rousey.

Not that they haven’t tried the superstar vs evil management idea with others just recently – Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins – but this would strike gold. The ground was already set at WrestleMania 31 when she joined The Rock running Stephanie and Triple H out of the ring. Stephanie might play the heel role as well as anyone in the business today, but it has become quite stale over the years. What better way to refresh it than have her in the ring with Rousey? Very few things in the world of wrestling are as certain as the crowd choosing Rousey saving the locker room from the heel Raw Commissioner. If this the direction they go, they must not have them in a singles match anytime soon. This should be a match built up over a year and serve as the first women’s match to headline a WrestleMania. Having Rousey earn numerous title shots within the year only to be taken away unfairly by Stephanie could really get this one going. If Ronda Rousey is going to be on television weekly, she should be on the flagship show feuding with the most despicable boss, who has been deserving her comeuppance for years.

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