LeBron-to-the-Warriors Nonsense is Actually First Sign He Wants to Stay in Cleveland

LeBron-to-the-Warriors Nonsense is Actually First Sign He Wants to Stay in Cleveland


LeBron-to-the-Warriors Nonsense is Actually First Sign He Wants to Stay in Cleveland

No, LeBron is not going to the Golden State Warriors. LeBron does not want to go to the Golden State Warriors. Here’s how you need to look at this “story”: LeBron actually wants to stay in Cleveland. It’s the first sign I’ve seen since June – when I initially floated LeBron-to-the-Lakers – that LeBron wants to stay with the Cavaliers instead of testing free agency.

Why have we mysteriously heard all this Houston and Golden State nonsense in the last week? Well, the trade deadline is a week away. And LeBron clearly wants the Cavs front office to do something to improve the roster. Anything.

I believe LeBron’s camp is floating the Rockets and now Warriors because the Cavs’ organization is so dysfunctional, there’s no communication between the best player on the team and the owner. LeBron knows a lottery pick isn’t helping him win a title this year or next. He’d convey that to owner Dan Gilbert if they spoke. But they won’t speak because Gilbert will ask LeBron to stay. And LeBron can’t do that.

This LeBron-to-Golden State story screams: I will take my ball and leave if you don’t do anything to help me us win a title. Don’t make me do it. I’ll … I’ll … I’ll go to the Warriors!

He won’t go to the Warriors. LeBron is hyper conscious about his image. He knows he will be viewed as a mercenary if he leaves Cleveland again. Going from Miami back to Cleveland got everyone back on LeBron’s good side. The public loved him again! But there’s a segment of the public – perhaps a large one – that will never forgive him if he leaves again.

So last week LeBron’s camp hoodwinks the masses on the Rockets garbage – LeBron will team up with his buddy Chris Paul! – and this week, he’s using the best team in  NBA history as an argument, when you know full well the Warriors aren’t giving up Klay Thompson for LeBron. The Warriors pass the ball and shoot 3’s. That’s not LeBron’s game now, at age 33.

This reads to me as a petulant teenager, unhappy with his parents decision, saying that he’ll just move out and go live at his friends house if you don’t let him play video games.

Billionaire Dan Gilbert is many things, but gullible doesn’t appear to be one of them.

I don’t think the Cavs will make a hasty move before the deadline, not without a commitment from LeBron. And wisely, he won’t give it. So we’re at an impasse.

And that’s why I keep coming back to the Lakers for LeBron. He goes to the Lakers with Paul George, they’re instantly contenders, and he’ll win points with the public for turning a 25-win team into a 50-win contender. And yes, they’ll be contenders.

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