Is Aaron Rodgers Sending Warning Shots to the Packers With His Latest Comments?

Is Aaron Rodgers Sending Warning Shots to the Packers With His Latest Comments?


Is Aaron Rodgers Sending Warning Shots to the Packers With His Latest Comments?


Yesterday, Stephen A. Smith made news advising Aaron Rodgers to DEMAND a trade from the Green Bay Packers. This was after Rodgers voiced his displeasure with his QB coach not being retained, and Smith thought the Packers have not provided Rodgers with the help he has needed.

Many may have thought this was much ado about nothing, but then Rodgers spoke to the Associated Press providing some additional notable comments, to say the least. When discussing finishing his career in Green Bay, Rodgers added a not-so-meaningless response :

“I think you have to be humble enough to realize if it could happen to Brett, it can happen to you.”

Rodgers also stated he would like to play as long as Tom Brady, but he made it clear that it might not all be for the same team, similar to his predecessor Brett Farve.

Now, while Rodgers indicated if this was to happen it would be the team’s decision – calling it “pretty special” playing for just one team – was he planting the seeds for his departure or trying to warn the Packers to get him some help?

It goes without saying, the Packers have supplied the former MVP with subpar talent to work with his entire career.

Back to Stephen A’s comments, one thing about the ESPN commentator is he is highly connected to professional athletes. He has made it very clear over the years that Rodgers is his favorite player in the NFL referring to him as a “BADDDDDD MANNNN” more often than not:

The two also appear to have some relationship being seen together at the NBA Finals in June, and Rodgers posting a video wishing him a Happy Birthday on First Take.

The night before all of this noise was made by the Stephen A. Smith’s comments, they were at a Super Bowl party at the same time.

There should be a reasonable level of concern amongst Packers’ fans that Rodgers, who has two more years left on his deal, could have voiced his frustrations to Stephen A. and it led to Stephen A. sending off a loud warning to the Packers just the next day. Rodgers telling the AP his future is not certain with the team adds fuel to the speculation.

Of course, this all could just be a coincidence, but the timing and pattern is certainly alarming. It will be interesting to see how active the Packers are in free agency, something they normally are not involved with as big players.


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