The Odds Say LeBron James to Houston is in Play

The Odds Say LeBron James to Houston is in Play


The Odds Say LeBron James to Houston is in Play


LeBron James is the first season of True Detective, every inch he moves, every word he says, is used as an easter egg to solve what really matters. His mystery is not who is The Yellow King, but where he will play next season.

While many have believed for months that if he elects to leave Cleveland again, he will take his talents to Hollywood to join the Los Angeles Lakers, but the odds are now in favor of him heading to the Houston Rockets if so.

On the day of the NBA trade deadline, when LeBron’s current squad opted to create a new team, OddsShark tweeted out that Houston was actually the favorite:

Last night, chimed in, releasing odds that show Cleveland and Houston are now neck and neck in the race to be known as King’s Landing come fall.

I have been on record stating that LeBron to Houston is an interesting dynamic on many fronts. On one hand, LeBron has become increasingly hard to deal with as his age has increased, but on the other hand, this is the one destination he can go and dethrone the “juggernaut” he calls the Golden State Warriors.

Currently, Houston has the best record in the NBA, the best offense ever, the MVP front-runner, 25 percent of the banana boat, and no state income tax, making it an appealing choice for any high-profile free agent.

The Lakers also have to be in this discussion. That has been the team rumored for months, and LeBron has never once shot down the idea like he did when questioned about joining the Warriors.

“It’s nonsense, and it’s a non-story,”

This decision will ultimately come down to what is most important to LeBron James. If he is only concerned about winning, the answer is Houston.

But at this point, my money is on him staying in Cleveland, and postponing this never-ending discussion for at least one more year.

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