Odell Beckham Jr. Is Not Worth The Trouble For The Giants

Odell Beckham Jr. Is Not Worth The Trouble For The Giants


Odell Beckham Jr. Is Not Worth The Trouble For The Giants

Odell Beckham Jr. wants to be the NFL’s highest-paid receiver, but given his off-field antics over the past few seasons, the New York Giants shouldn’t even entertain giving him that kind of money. In fact, given recent developments, Beckham might not be worth the trouble for the G-Men, and dumping him might be their best bet.

We all know about the infamous video that surfaced last week of Beckham’s late night “pizza party.” Let’s be real, there were drugs in the video and Beckham put himself in that position. He appeared to be smoking pot and there was cocaine in the room. That’s an awful look for a guy who wants a massive contract extension.

If you’re trying to be the highest-paid person at your job, you can’t be caught doing stuff like that or hanging out with people who do. There is no way a conservative organization like the Giants are going to make a hardcore partier the face of their franchise.

This isn’t Beckham’s first run-in with something embarrassing. In early January of 2017, OBJ and the rest of the Giants’ wide receivers went on a trip to Miami for some quick partying the week of a playoff game with the Green Bay Packers. Trey Songs could clearly be seen smoking pot on the boat in the picture below:

New York got smacked by the Pack, and everyone was up in arms about the trip. Why would Beckham and his teammates put themselves in that situation the week of a playoff game?

After the game, Beckham punched a hole in the wall at Lambeau Field that the Giants had to pay to fix. He also cursed out a stadium employee who asked him to calm down.

Beckham has always been combustible. He’s often thrown his helmet on the sidelines, has been seen banging his head into doors and has had fights with teammates and coaches on the sidelines. Josh Norman was even able to bait him into several personal fouls and a one-game suspension in 2015.

Yes, the 25-year-old LSU product is insanely talented, but at some point he has to grow up. If you want to be the highest-paid wideout in the NFL, act like a man, not mid-meltdown Johnny Manziel.

At this point, there is just no way the Giants can pay Beckham the kind of money he wants. It is just too big a risk to sensibly take. If I’m in the team’s front office, I’m gauging his trade value right now.

Beckham is due $8.5 million in 2018, which is the final year of his rookie deal. There’s no reason to give him the $20-plus million a year he is seeking. Absolutely none.

While his play on the field merits a big extension, Beckham hasn’t earned that kind of money off of it. And he’s flat out not worth the hassle right now.

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