Does Andrew Wiggins Even Care About Winning? Doesn't Seem So.

Does Andrew Wiggins Even Care About Winning? Doesn't Seem So.


Does Andrew Wiggins Even Care About Winning? Doesn't Seem So.


Recently, Andrew Wiggins became the fifth-leading scorer in Minnesota Timberwolves history, signed a five-year, $145.5 million max extension, and is likely to make his first-ever postseason appearance. And based on his recent remarks, the latter of the three is probably least important to him.

It was reported on radio that the former high-school standout is not exactly fond of the way his team was winning:

Not only is Wiggins electing to whisper his issues instead of taking them up with the coaching staff extremely petty and immature, what he is reportedly upset about makes him look even worse.

Apparently, Wiggins does not like his role of no longer being Robin but instead maybe the Batmobile behind Karl-Anthony Towns and Jimmy Butler (when healthy). Yet, if he ever plans on winning – unlike his first three years in the league – he will have to settle for being a third option.

As things currently stand, Minnesota will be entering the postseason for the first time since 2004–because Butler and Towns have been leading them there. Wiggins – who was asked to get better – has had a chance as both a first (briefly) and second option to make an impact in the win column, but has failed.

Now in just his first year as the unofficial third wheel, he is in the center of the playoff picture. To no surprise, since Butler’s near devastating injury, and Wiggins return to the team’s second option, Minnesota has begun to slide down the standings.

Wiggins stats have increased (barely) since Butler’s injury but as the last three years have shown, that does not translate to any team success.

It is awfully difficult in today’s NBA to be title contenders without three All-Stars on a team, and it may be near impossible to win if a team’s first or second option has the game of Andrew Wiggins.

Is he naive? Does he truly believe he is that good?

Or maybe wins are just not all that important to him. Wiggins could potentially have a point if he never had been given the opportunity to prove himself, but that is not the case.

If Wiggins is absolutely hellbent on becoming more than a third option on a winning team, he should begin to improve his 140th ranked 3-point percentage that is equal to (a Center) Marc Gasol. Or possibly increasing his APG to over two. Or maybe, most importantly, not shoot an embarrassing 63 percent from the free throw line.

If not, and he is still unhappy with his role, Wiggins should have no concerns about missing a vacation planned in early May.

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