Kawhi Leonard At a Dodgers Game Isn't a Big Story

Kawhi Leonard At a Dodgers Game Isn't a Big Story


Kawhi Leonard At a Dodgers Game Isn't a Big Story


The weird saga of Kawhi Leonard will be a hot button issue this offseason — though, not quite as big as where LeBron winds up — as the Spurs must decide whether to bring him back or trade him after months of their star player and their doctors disagreeing about the severity of a leg injury.

Nate Robinson has suggested Kawhi would like to play home in California, and lo and behold last night The Ringer shared this video of him attending a Dodgers game:

I think we can all agree it would’ve been super awkward for Kawhi to show up at a Spurs playoff game. Team doctors and even some teammates believed he could play. He insisted, not through words that we heard but by virtue of the fact that we heard from others and didn’t see him on the court, that he couldn’t play. If he did go to those games, he probably would’ve faced resentment from teammates and relentless questioning from the media.

Now that the season is over, what is he supposed to do? He can’t go to a baseball game without it being a cryptic subplot about where he might play? It’s not like he’s a free agent and can choose to sign with the Lakers. The Spurs hold his rights and are going to trade him for the best package they can get back, or maybe they will reckon it makes sense to try to mend fences. Sure, Kawhi can influence the process by either agreeing or refusing to discuss an extension with certain teams, but it’s not as though he has full say in the matter.


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