Tim Tebow Update: Figuring It Out

Tim Tebow Update: Figuring It Out


Tim Tebow Update: Figuring It Out


Tim Tebow has socked two home runs since the last update on May 3. He’s raised his average to a respectable .244 and is striking out at a less frequent rate. In short, he’s looking like an actual baseball player.

The 30-year-old outfielder has a .327 on-base percentage and is slugging .425. Nine of his 21 hits this year have gone for extra bases. He’s developing into an all-or-nothing guy and the nothings are coming with less frequency (which, as we learned in The Neverending Story, is a good thing).

Since a woeful stretch in which he struck out multiple times in 9 out of 10 games — including seven straight — Tebow has fanned just three times. He’s figuring it out, people.

Plus, he’s turning Binghamton, N.Y. into a place the New York Times sends its reporters for color pieces. Tebow is delivering on the field and off of it. And it’s becoming routine for him to do so.

Baseball works in mysterious ways.

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