Get Out of Here With These $30 "Bet Against Us" T-Shirts Julian Edelman is Selling

Get Out of Here With These $30 "Bet Against Us" T-Shirts Julian Edelman is Selling


Get Out of Here With These $30 "Bet Against Us" T-Shirts Julian Edelman is Selling


The New England Patriots, a team the public believes is very bad and stinky according to Tom Brady, are three-point underdogs against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game. And let me tell you, friends: the juggernaut Pats have noticed. What to you and I looks like a very reasonable line set by people in Las Vegas to maximize profit is apparently much more to certain members of the dynastic franchise.

Like Julian Edelman. The wide receiver tweeted out the following Chiefs highlight video Wednesday urging viewers to bet against his team. You see, the Patriots aren’t favored. Against another NFL team on the road. A team that lost by three points in Foxborough earlier this year. The horror. The disrespect.

Edelman is also selling a $30 t-shirt on his website with the same message. Here are the words on the site explaining this choice.

Julian Edelman-inspired playoff shirt with Bet Against Us motto placed on a graphic t-shirt. This sports t-shirt is ideal for anyone rooting for any underdog sports team in the playoffs. The perfect slogan for anyone who has been counted out of victory.

Man, one would think someone burned down all the towns mentioned in James Taylor songs to inspire this much passion.

Sunday will be the eighth consecutive AFC Championship Game for five-time Super Bowl champion New England.  Brady has made 13 in the 16 seasons he’s finished. The Patriots have been favored in the quarterback’s previous 67 games. One would need to have dangerously minimal brain function to buy into the whole underdog thing.

And it’s perfectly fine that Bill Belichick’s guys are looking for motivation in places both real and imagined. But I can’t help but wonder: what happens if the Patriots lose?

Brady’s initial smarm and Edelman monetizing the manufactured chip on the shoulder will hang out there, just sort of looking ridiculous. For all the heat Odell Beckham and the New York Giants took for hanging out on a boat shirtless, they weren’t out there selling T-shirts implicitly predicting a playoff victory.

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